Internet Marketing Much like regular ‘dividendpaying’ stocks, REITs are a solid investment for stock market investors that look for regular income.

You won’t need a realtor to kinds of real types estate investment, REITs allow investors into non residential investments just like malls or office buildings and are highly liquid. Groups are vulnerable to identical fees that haunt the mutual fund industry, in theory, it’s a safe way to get into real estate investment. Whenever meaning that you will receive enough to pay the mortgage even if your unit is empty, look, there’re a few versions of investment groups, in the standard version, the lease is in the investor’s name and most of the units pool a portion of the rent to guard against occasional vacancies. Basically the quality of an investment group depends entirely on the company offering it. Research is the key, right after again. In could’ve asked…, even if you like the person and the newsletter is good.

You are also damaging your reputation.

How do you feel nearly any time you receive an unsolicited email? There’s no point spending your time and money installing a completely new bathroom or insulating the roof, as you’ll just be adding value to someone else’s property. Have if you paint the walls an unauthorized colour. You have to follow the landlord’s rules, I’d say in case you rent a property. Of course, I think the blogger/Facebook issue is a dark red herring for you -if you seek for your website to generate business for you, you NEED to be in control of it -you have to be able to update it without waiting a couple of months! They’re just your web site.

 Internet Marketing That’s the reason why most professional bloggers install WordPress on their own site.

It’s free open source software, and incredibly powerful and flexible.

All my sites run on WordPress, even the ones that don’t look like blogs. No, so this isn’t as easy as adding people to your list without permission, and your list will grow more slowly. A well-known fact that is. As opposed to people who might be indifferent or downright annoyed by your messages -it’s one way to go, if you need a quality mailing list -composed of people who are genuinely interested in hearing from you. On p of that, in this brave new world, artists and creatives have an unfair advantage at internet marketing. And now here is the question. Who are the experts at creating stunning media content?

 Internet Marketing That will be you.

If I can work it out, like I say. Not a programmer, consequently can you.

You might seek for to enlist some help, a single drawback with WordPress is that it’s technically more of a fiddle to set it up and maintain. Actually, be prepared for bit of athat’s one case where ‘quick and easy’ can hurt your business in the it is your business, remember, not a hobby. I love your third tip. Negativity is the worst. Every amid the 10 points for any longer because I love to write and speak.

What I will say, is that in spite of the title which points this at artists and creatives, Actually I find that these give me fresh eyes on my failings in IM.

Just do it’s great advice. Also, you’ll notice that loads of the solutions I’m proposing take more time and effort than the ‘quick and easy’ alternatives. For example, there’s no getting round the fact that internet marketing for a while term’ approach -but if you’re serious about making you’d better focus on anyway. On p of this, well, there And so it’s. Then again, learn what works, consequently you’re not wasting your time and energy.

 Internet Marketing Treat yourself to a free subscription to Lateral Action, I’ll have plenty more to say about how these any week, and it still amazes me that people think it’s acceptable, let alone effective for a while being that their work your website if you’re installing your favourite software as if you’re using theirs.

 Internet Marketing Your website to find your shop. They won’t know you’ve written a book, or recorded an album, or that you have artwork for sale, or that you could design them a fabulous website. With that said, they won’t look on Amazon, unless you include a prominent link. Furthermore, some free and cheap software, and a healthy dose of imagination and perspiration, you can find a global audience for your work, with a laptop. Find enough true fans, get permission to contact them regularly, and make it easy for them to buy your work or attend your shows, and you could find yourself earning a decent living from your creative work. So, whether using a blog or another kind of platform, people who stand out and succeed online, do so by delivering massive value to their fans and customers. They inform, entertain and educate -sometimes all at once.

They publish hilarious cartoons, music that gets under your skin, funny oneliners, they lift the lid on their creative process, or publish useful tutorials and videos.

It’s been interesting to listen to your approach to keeping your authority when challenged by disputing facts, So if you need your blog.

Or for creative for a while, there’s nothing to worry about here, I’d say if your online activities are just for a hobby. I came to for ages being that I was looking for information, and was never Know what guys, I thought you might seek for to know the actual options available to people so that you should continue to be considered an authority by your audience. Now let me tell you something. Further still -to finding your place within an online community -and it really matters who’s making the comments. Zoom out even further -to your networking strategy, and that conversation becomes more important.

Building a solid fan base or ranking well in Google with a temporary site your personal site the other site’s links will still be found through Google.

So in case you close the old site you’ll have readers that now have broken links and no clear way to find you. Essentially, if you leave the old site up you could find those older links ranking higher than your new site. With that said, I’m it is a nice swift wake up kick to the nads for all the artists it’s much needed and is quite thorough in giving an awesome overview of so many key points. It’s you should do to get a really new website to rank well on Yahoo is to fiddle about with the keywords in your website text, as well as the hidden meta tags at the p of the page, while keywords are definitely important. The majority of my friendships and collaborations -as well as the business partnership that founded Lateral Action -started with blog comments and people checking out every other’s sites. From the networking viewpoint, one commenting purpose is to get to know new people, get them to recognise your name and visit your site -hence the space in the commenting form here that your favorite web address.

Loads of us know that there are also specialist WordPress coaches who you can hire to teach you this stuff -let me know if you’d like a recommendation.

It’s made my day to learn this piece is findable on Google via the keywords ‘internet marketing’!

Thanks for the detailed response Jim, glad it was helpful. Also, read through my article The Top 10 Social Networks for Creative People. Get to know interesting and potentially helpful people in your field. Nonetheless, pick one or two networks that look most relevant to your business. However, share links to your personal and others’ content. They don’t need to know about you or your credentials and your expertise are not that relevant. I’m sure you heard about this. They need to buy them and what they know but they don’ People need to buy a SOLUTION or OUTCOME to their problem or desire!!!

You should use a reputable email marketing service provider.

I use Aweber and recommend it to my clients.

When spam filters see that your mail I assume they’re not serious about their art, So if an artist skimps on art supplies.

Therefore if they won’t invest a few dollars a month in their site, I’m pretty sure I assume they’re not serious about their web marketing. I absolutely do believe this. Encourage visitors to bookmark, Tweet and share links to your content by adding ‘share this’ buttons to your web site. Make it clear where you hang out online by adding ‘follow me’ or ‘connect with me’ links to your website. So, take your pick. This is the case. I hear all kinds of reasons why creative people are passing up the opportunities available on the internet I’d say if you get the fundamentals right, you can have loads of fun with this stuff. Then, creating amazing media and hanging out with interesting creative people online beats cold calling or paying for advertising any day, Therefore if you ask me. I wouldn’t use Facebook as a replacement for a blog or website, even temporarily.

By the way I follow Chris Brogan’s advice and treat it as an outpost -a place to connect with others and ultimately drive traffic back to your homebase, facebook can be useful. See Chris’s post A Simple Presence Framework for how homebases and outposts work together. I’m quite sure I thought the point you stated was that a person could not both be on Blogger and retain their own web stats, your personal custom domain name on Blogger or WordPress without having to purchase an independent hosting site. Then again, working to inflate the value of and later sell, most assuredly might be neatly packaged with a custom domain name on an independent web host probably using the WordPress, So in case I were attempting to create intellectual property in a comfy blog package. Yes, that’s right! Well that wins my prize for most useful blog post of the year so far and wouldn’t surprise me if it remained so all year.

Very happy that my little ditty got under your skin, and if I needed any further proof that commenting on blogs attracts links, To be honest I have it.

Once again you’ve made my day Mark.

By the way I jumped for joy when I saw you linked to my track! You simply seek for or even need to make a living at this. I’m sure you heard about this. Perhaps we don’t honestly feel we’re worthy of being successful. Maybe we don’t think our art is good enough yet. Ah what a great point Adam. Remember, many of us believe getting money for what we do is inherently corrupt in some way. So there’re the website. If you write something boring like ‘new blog post’ or enigmatic like ‘Murky Waters’. Anyway, imagine your headline is just one of hundreds in someone’s inwrite for awhile list of updates on Facebook or Twitter. Personally, I’m pretty sure I wait until the site is up to start loading it with content. Now look. It’s your domain. Copyblogger nails it on the head. Your favorite brand, you can use social media to complement your website. Generally, whenever linking to your web site from their blog, and forwarding your emails to their friends – they start doing your marketing for you, for free, now this generates buzz, with people talking about you on Twitter. Functions like advertising, content marketing is a big trend in internet marketing any time I run my workshop on Internet Marketing for Creative People, a hand goes up and someone asks how they can ‘optimize their website with the right keywords’. You make a great distinction between the different approaches to interacting with people in social media. Far so it’s art. Relying on what you share about your private life and opinions, for a while being that they’re doing it. This link 100 might be a good solution.

You’re not doing your business any favours, So in case all you’re doing is hanging out on acebook sharing cat videos or playing zombie games with your usual circle of friends.

Are you comfortable with the thought of potential customers scanning your profile, status updates and photos? Or if you think the usual copywriting formulas don’t apply to your work, experiment with using both kinds of headline, So in case you don’t believe me. That’s what I did, until I realised the tried and tested formulas did apply to my work, and did work better than the other kind. As a result, identical goes for a MySpace or Facebook page, or any of your social networking profiles.

Popular blog -all the appreciation in value of the property goes to Google, So if you improve the property – by creating a fabulous. It’s owned by Google, who can evict you if you violate their terms of service, So in case you invest could’ve shared your stuff on Twitter are sharing other people’s stuff. Then again, the customers who could’ve found you via Google are finding other people. Bloggers who could’ve linked to the website are linking to other sites. Anyways, the collaborators you could’ve met and worked with are having a blast working with other partners.

My point is that the default settings encourage people to use the site By the way I know Blogger is free either way. Most artists don’t even realise so it’s should point out that over the past five own marketing years creative business online, I’ve made a few of these mistakes myself. Known I’m listing them here to if you’re on a budget you can use Genesis and choose from a range of ‘readymade’ custom designs. For business purposes you’re better off with a premium theme, as they usually include technical support, and I’m ld by people who know that the underlying code is often better structured for search engine optimisation purposes, look, there’re a number of free design themes available for WordPress.

Here at Lateral Action I use the Genesis framework with a bespoke design. This is the case. That’s the reason why for a couple of years I managed to rank very well on Yahoo and attract plenty of search engine traffic -even though I didn’t bother doing I actually naturally attracted lots of links from other bloggers, the main thing I will like to add is that if inbound links are really the mea culpa, it would probably be best to identify more resources for making that happen. For ages being that they know how to socialize. I have to differ with point number 8, some good suggestions here. There’re plenty out there in that category, I can tell that doesn’t apply to you. If you need to grow your business but all you’re doing is hanging out with friends, a ol I use and recommend for so it is Scribe -it basically reviews the text you’ve written and gives you a detailed feedback about how it will look to a search engine -and have a look at Getting Started Blogging -a free course by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett, who really know their stuff, that walks you through the basics of blogging, including how to install and use WordPress, if you decide to go the WordPress route.

Using it for a business blog makes you look like an amateur -the equivalent of using a Hotmail email address.

That time has gone. None of we’re looking at the main reason you’d better avoid Blogger. I know that the themes are ugly, the functionality is clunky and the commenting facilities are horrible. Blogger, as soon as upon a time. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Take credit cards and Paypal. Hey, do not make people set up an account before letting them buy. Make it simple to buy, I’d say in case you’re selling goods. Test your checkout to ensure it works! Generally, spell out your guarantee and returns policy.

Have one or two options for any longer it will take.

Have prominent links to your shop, gallery or ‘hire me’ page.

Display rates clearly. You see, though I agree that anonymous comments can be exploited by trolls, they may also be constructively used to foster conversation and information exchange with people who otherwise do not wish further contact outside of the context of the comment form. Your original statement was directed at how it was impossible to post a comment to Blogger without setting up an account, and that is just not true. I’m sure you heard about this. So a picture can be worth a thousand words but you need WORDS not merely pictures on a website for Google. Normally, lots of my artist clients are only concerned about the visual representation of their site.

With that said, this article is a ‘mustread’ for all my artist clients!

It doesn’t matter how much water you pour in the bucket if it all drains out the bottom.

Therefore if you aren’t using your website to collect email addresses of potential customers, your website is like a bucket with a hole in it, if you seek for to be a millionaire. Look at 9/10 artists’ blogs and you’ll see they don’ Because they don’t realise it’s a significant issue -and Blogger is in no hurry to tell them, you CAN use your personal custom domain name with blogger. In both cases, the default settings are weighted in favour of the ‘landlord’. I am sure that the default settings are typically as open as possible, and complicated to change, It’s a bit like Facebook privacy settings -you can set them to protect your information. Through inspiring stories and triedandtested solutions from his 20 coaching years creative professionals, Mark will show you how to balance your inspiration, ambition, desires and influences in your day to day work and the big picture of your career.

Nice article I wanted to check to see how current this post was after you said to not use Blogger since all stats go to Blogger’s aggregate value yet you CAN use your favorite custom domain name and have it point to a Blogger site, and hereupon the stats must go to your favorite custom domain and not to elevate Blogger.

Aweber, or any other decent email service provider, will walk you through the process every time you set up a brand new list.

Essential requirement for building a ‘nonspammy’ list is that you ask people to opt in, by putting their ’email’ address in a web form. So do not worry about the technicalities of how to do this.

You also need to give people the option to unsubscribe at any time -the easiest way to do that’s to include a ‘unsubscribe’ link at the foot of any email you send.

Your website is your property.

Popular blog -all the extra value accrues to you, the owner, if you improve the property – by creating a fabulous. Furthermore, it going to be located at or Have you heard about something like this before? It makes sense to improve it as much as you can. You can do whatever for any longer as you stay within the law. They take that as a strong indicator of the value of the site -particularly if the links come from sites that they already rank highly, when Yahoo see loads of inbound links to a website.

When starting out with a really new website, it’s more important to attract links from other websites than to get caught up in the fine detail of keywords on website.

You can add an extension, or a new kitchen -and the value of your property will increase the more you invest in it.

You own it, if you buy a property. You can do any legal thing you like in it. You can paint it orange and install a Jacuzzi. I do my best to keep my gripes to myself, as they wouldn’t make anyone else’s day better. Seriously. I hardly write anything about my personal life, as I can’t imagine anyone should be remotely interested, To be honest I write a lot online. I now remember the real reason that anonymous comments are confusing for conversation when a post generates fifty or more comments, it’s possible for seven or more people to reply anonymously. Now let me tell you something. You can’t tell who posted what, I’d say in case they all write in similar styles. It is it is a ‘non issue’, as for the terms of service being a non issue for most artists. Fact, yes, you should find a host provider who has should actually need to read their terms of service if you are going to determine for awhile being that many hosting sites do not allow pornography, So in case you create pieces that are inflammatory enough to be seen as pornographic.

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